Ice Flower

Each place that my feet step on blooms one by one
In that place that has brightened
All that has fallen down, all that has fallen back
Has gone far away from here
I dream a dream about a beautiful me
without the need to shine
Dream, even if I cry it’s not because I’m sad
My pained heart is just melting
I look, not with my eyes but with my heart,
at myself that is blooming inside
In that place where no one looks at
In that place where there is no clapping or cheering
When I’m standing all alone in that place
When only I can completely look at myself
When I can smile at that place
I believe I can get to that place
I believe that I can love myself
When I see how far I came
I see all those footsteps
That’s all I need, I’m doing great
Because it’s my life, it’s my way
Dream, Please don’t be surprised when I extend my hand
Will you wordlessly help me up?
Walk with me through this path
The path that fits just one person


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